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The Monroe Historical Society has a variety of historic pamphlets, books, DVDs, and photo items for sale at our museum. A sampling is listed below. These and other items may be purchased at the museum or shipped to you. Please contact us for shipping details.

early monroe

Early Monroe,
by Dexter Taylor,
Cost: $22

From Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series, this beautiful 128 page book contains 200 historic photographs, maps, and other images from Monroe’s first hundred years.

First 50 Years

Monroe, The First Fifty Years
by Nellie Robertson,
Cost: $20

This work contains 124 pages filled with fun stories and recounts of life in Monroe year by year, from 1860 to 1910. Largely taken from articles published at the time in the Monroe Monitor, with numerous photographs.

Monroe, Next 30 Years

Monroe, The Next Thirty Years
by Nellie Robertson
Cost: $20

This 140 page work is the sequel to Nellie’s publication on early Monroe, covering the years 1911 through 1940. Year by year happenings in the area, with photographs and index.

maltby and neighbors

Maltby and Neighbors,
By Elsie Mann, $25

An award winning work, over 200 pages long, exhaustively researched and written by Elsie Mann, local historian.  Covers the period from the mid-1800s to mid-1900s; includes photographs; fully indexed.

Monroe Historical Society

Salem Woods School, Symbol of Community Survival, $10, DVD
A history of Monroe, and particularly, the Woods Creek district. The program was written and produced by Nancy Moore Rockafellar with narrations by Emil Anderson, Mildred Brame, Nels Carlson, Paul Graden, and Paul Wagner. Ron Carraher was the design and photography consultant and Patrick McClatchy was the historical consultant.

Monroe Historical Society

Sky Valley Speedway, $10, DVD

A two disc set – a one hour film by Bob Williams and a CD with 160 photos from the scrapbook of Lavette Moser. Drivers and fans met at this homegrown dirt racetrack every week from 1957 to 1977 for a dust-raising good time.

Monroe Historical Society

Washington State Reformatory, A Historical Perspective, $10, DVD

This nearly one hour fascinating work, which includes old newsreel and photographs, was done for the centennial of the prison in 2010 by Marjorie Petersen, with assistance from Monroe Correctional Complex and Edmonds Community College.